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Spring Training 2010

Chris Ashley, Kent Boeving (rookie), John Coletti, James Cuthbert, Bubba Galarza, Bob Hogg,
Rob Lambeth, Brad Mahaffey (rookie), Steve Moore (rookie), Scott Peters, Mitch Robison

King of the Road - Mitch Robison
Rookie of the Year - Kent Boeving
InnSuites Invitational Champion - Rob Lambeth

36 photos in two slideshows (click on photos below to start slideshows)

  • Kickoff Dinner in Laughlin.
  • Home of the Angels.
  • John and Rob.
  • Angels vs. Dodgers.
  • Night baseball at Peoria Sports Complex.
  • Giant Padres baseball.
  • Padres vs. Giants.
  • Trying to putt here, no cameras!
  • Bubba keeps score as Chris and James watch the action.
  • Brad and Kent.
  • Mitch putts at the InnSuites Invitational.
  • Scott lining up his shot.
  • John hides from the paparazzi.
  • Hans and Franz.
  • Rob wins!
  • On the Home Run Party Deck at Surprise Stadium.
  • Hanging on the Home Run Party Deck.
  • Home of the Rockies.
  • Our last game at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson.
  • Scott wins a prop bet.
  • Beer vendor Captain Earthman.
  • Scott Tilley joins us in Tucson.
  • Bubba tends the meat.
  • Home of the Indians and Reds.
  • Enjoying the game from the Right Field Pavillion.
  • Dig in Mitch!
  • The Reds contingency: Kent, John, and Bubba.
  • Chris at Goodyear.
  • A new record win in The Cup!
  • Watching the game on the rail.
  • A new event? James putting in Drunken Golf.
  • Bubba and Bob vie for the title.
  • Bubba, John, and Mitch after Drunken Golf.
  • Breakfast!
  • Reds vs. Brewers at Maryvale Ballpark.
  • Kent wins Rookie of the Year honors.